Welcome to my homepage. In the following I will tell you a little about me, my activities as an amateur and my radio station.

So, the name is Antonio Pereira, I was born in Lisbon in October 1963, I am married with Ana Cristina (CT1YSX) and have a daughter (Rita). We live on the south bank of the Tagus River, Vale of Milhaços (em IM58KQ).

In 1990 I received my first amateur radio license (Class C). Six months later he was ready to start. In early February 1991 I made my first QSO as radio amateur with Andy (HA0IM) band at ten feet. In the same year 1991 took to the class B.

September 1993 to March 1995 operei from Luanda (Angola) as D2EGH and D3X (em GI60OF) where did about two hundred thousand QSOs. Angola was the first major experience as operator DX.

In 1995 I went to class B, and in the summer of that year, CQ7U operate as from the Strong Horse (Sesimbra) FES12.

In February 2000 I went to Timor-Leste, where I remained until August of that year. A 23 March 2000 UN received permission to operate as 4W6GH from Dili (em PI21SK) em Timor-Leste (OC-148) and made the first activation of Atauro Island (OC-232) Diploma for the IOTA code 4W6GH / p. Timor-Leste fiz nearly fifty thousand QSO's.

In June 2002, and after about two years of preparation, I and the António Gamito (CT1CZT), supported by a group of radio amateurs military Portuguese Navy, founded or Core Amateur Navy (CS5NRA).

In 2006, give to Convert GPDX I was part of the team that made the CT6B IOTA Contest 2006 Lighthouse from the Bugis (EU-040).

Not much else to say, the very recent past is, but the stories are too many to count.

The station consists of a transmitter Sommerkamp old FT-277ZD, Yaesu FT-890 um, to Kenwood TS-850S, um Sommer Fight FT-800, for Icom Kenwood TS-P42A e to 60. The antenna system consists of a Crushcraft A3s (14/21/28 MHz) and an A550 Crushcraft (50 MHz) mounted on a tower 12 feet above the roof, um dipole Tagra DDK-40 (7 MHz), slopers for 1,8 and 3,6 MHz, “V's” inverted 7 MHz a 28 MHz, including the WARC bands (by a group), a vertical 28 MHz, a vertical 144 and another for 440 MHz. To complement the antennas and transmitters a linear amplifier Kenwood TL-922, Heatkit an old SB-620 very useful in RTTY, interfaces (For PSK, RTTY, SSTV e Packet), Marconi uma 1kW load, analyzers and tuners among other things. A Pentium IV 3GHz (with Linux operating system) supports the station.

My endereço is correct in QRZ